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 To whom it may concern

Charles has been helping us with our house in France for over a year.

Aoart from being intelligent and congenial, I have found him to be extremely knowledgeable about construction generally (a view shared by my wife who is an architect.

In my role as an international lawyer, both in the oil business and in private practice, I have dealt with many projects and construction contracts over the years so I appreciate the skills in coordination, management and planning that he brings to the table. These skills are vital in managing the interfaces between different contractual packages and reducing the schedule and ultimately, therefore, costs.

I believe him to be honest and shrewd and believe he could manage very big projects given the opportunity.

His understanding of the approval processes for planning are also vital to me.


Andrew Roberts                                                                                 Company Director

Contact:-  Charles 06 28 47 17 93

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To whom it may concern

Dear Sir

Re:   Reference for Charles Kennard F.P.M. Renovations

I am a consulting engineer in the building industry in England.

Charles was like a breath of fresh air. He turned up on time to give us a quotation. He produced the quotation and he carried out the work within the stated budget.

The works themselves were of a difficult nature. Charles helped with the solution as well as resourcing the correct materials. In fact, nothing was too much trouble. The works were completed on time and the standard was very good.

He found and handled the subcontractors extremely well.

He even cleaned up on completion.

Charles, due to his diligence, made the whole building experience bearable.

Should you wish to discuss more, please give me a ring.

Yours sincerely

Anthony Mendick

Mendick Waring Limited